Psychiatric Symptoms of Epileptic Nature: An Old Hypothesis in Light of Current Psychopharmacologic Advances

FEBRUARY 18th, 2015

Open Journal of Psychiatry has just published in Volume 5, Number 1, January 2015 the paper entitled "Psychiatric Symptoms of Epileptic Nature: An Old Hypothesis in Light of Current Psychopharmacologic Advances". You can read it making click in "View PDF".

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MARCH 13th, 2014

Download Hyperia Rating Scale and, once filled in, send it to colaboraciones@nuevapsiquiatria.

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Automatic psychic paroxisms

FEBRUARY 27th, 2014

Reading this article is a must for people who still do not understand what is a hyperic experience.

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Hyperia: A Sophisticated Mental Function

JANUARY 27th, 2014


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Antidepressants and Epilepsy

JANUARY 23th, 2014


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Epilepsy and Mysticism

APRIL 01st, 2013

This book is the English translation of my Spanish book, entitled Ã‰xtasis sin fe (Ectasy without faith), published by Editorial Trotta, Madrid, 2000.

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Hyperia: A New Approach to Mental Disorders

APRIL 01st, 2013

This short book is a summary of previous download -Epilesy and Mysticism- and it is writing in a more accessible literary style in order to be understandable for a larger range of people.

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Links related with NEWPSYCHIATRY

JUNE 29th, 2013

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