Introduction to memoirs

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Day after day I am reluctant to start this section. Why?

As Schopenhauer puts it, there is no better book as a well-written autobiography. But to achieve this goal there are, at least, some essential requirements:

-The author must have something to say,

-He has to be able to be himself and use his own style and not a mask adopted from other writers

-He must always be clear and accurate

-The writings must be the author’s quintessence. “We can grow tired of his manners as a person but not of his writings as an author”, states the German philosopher.

I am afraid I won’t be able to comply with any of these conditions: that’s why I’m unwilling to start this section in NEW PSYCHIATRY.

I will try, anyway, and from throughout this week I will try to post the first chapter of “Memoirs”.

But let me be clear: This section, more than a true autobiography (a chronologically arranged account of one’s own life) will be an account of dome facts and memories that help shape my career as a psychiatrist:

- Firstly, some major milestones that, due to their intensity or importance, have established my understanding and practice of psychiatry.

- Secondly, of course, my own hyperic experiences: without them NEW PSYCHIATRY and hyperia, its nuclear hypothesis would have never been possible.

As a friend of mine always says to me: “May God guide us all!”

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