Mental automatisms and psychiatry

Once the wide ranges of psychic manifestations which are produced by partial epileptic seizure are understood, the first thing that attracts attention is that they are the same mental productions that many other times are diagnosed as symptoms of a psychiatric disorder. Not only have they the same psychic contents, but also these experiences develop with identical phenomenological features, independently from being diagnosed as epilepsy or as a psychiatric disorder. Indeed, all that we have said about the phenomenology of the epileptic experiences (automatism, passivity, intensity, surprise, astonishment, etc.) is equally valid when these experiences are labelled as symptoms of a mental disorder. In fact, in psychiatric texts these experiences are described and depicted in the same way as the epileptic experiences in epileptology texts.

The more frequent psychic productions are detailed next, namely:
- Déjà vu or false memory
- Panic attacks
- Psychomotor inhibition and psychic suffering
- Psychomotro exaltation, pleasure and expansiveness
- Alternation of joyful and painful fits
- Hallucinations and sudden delusional ideas
- Impulsions

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