Psychiatric Inconsistences

When a resident physician makes contact with a psychiatric specialty and begins treating mentally ill patients, they will soon discover that some psychiatric approaches are difficult or impossible to accept, because their application could cause more harm than good.

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Chilling rates of mental disorders

118 millions of American people was diagnosed with one or more psychiatyric disorders in 2004, which extrapolated to demographic number of 2012 implies 125 of American people with one or more psychiatric disorders. These hair-raising rates are due mainly to the inbconsistences of current psychiatric diagnostic models.
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Concept of schizophrenia

Same we explained some weeks ago about concept of mania (see Epidemical mental diseases in Section Collaborations), concept of schizophrenia has suffered gradual and progressive changes, loosing completely its initial meaning.
The new and current conception of schizophrenia entails serious damages to people with this diagnosis, being necessary to recover the initial notion of schizophrenia.

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