Psychiatric Terrorism

FEBRUARY 03rd, 2014

Admired Dr. Alvarez:

Surely you do not dare to publish my anonymous letter, but I´m not willing to prostitute it with euphemisms in exchange of ... I do not know what benefits!

I officially denounce the abuse that is allowed in Spain to psychiatry. And I will illustrate by example of my own case, which unfortunately is only one of many:

I have two older sisters who have deep personality disorders. With one of them, narcissistic, thank God I have no contact since years ago. As long as it existed, my existence, like everybody´s life in her environment, was a hell.

The other is misdiagnosed for “bipolar II”. Such a diagnosis was made by a mediocre psychiatrist who simply passed her the DMS IV questionnaire. She does not go to her specialist after many years ago many years ago will no specialist, and he increases or reduces her treatment by phone, regardless that she consumed alcohol daily and often even drunk. Furthermore, she is addicted to tarot cards and faithful follower of a “witch” (this is the denomination applied to herself by her leader).

This sister´s husband is a sadist who sexually abused me as a child. I think that says all.

Come to the point: Recently my brother and my sister we knew I had a job in a distant city. I was living in apartment belonging to they both by which paid an exorbitant rent (I never was able to defend me). Then they launched their machinations: my sister was devoted to systematically call all my friends, explaining that I was crazy. Of course, my real friends ignored her. The next step was to press my psychiatrist, with absolutely insane lies, to convince him that I was “in a manic crisis”. Since my usual psychiatrist was on vacation, he put me in the hands of a colleague, who did not know me at all and to whom “my family” cheated unscrupulous. The fact is that they achieved my hospitalization for two weeks.

Doctors at the hospital could not understand what was happening. The psychiatrist who awarded me told: "I do not find you insane, but your history about hour sister and the witch is amazing". Thank God my psychologist found out and came to my assistance. I was not in any crisis, but they nearly produced me a true one.

What I am denouncing here is that when I went to the hospital (I had to call the police because of the threats from my brother, which persisted even in front of policemen), one doctor told me I would not be hospitalized, since he was conscious I was not in a crisis. The next day came the Civil Guard to the company where I was doing the job interview, and from there they took me to hospital. What is the difference between this and a kidnapping?

When my psychiatrist returned from vacation and found out what had happened could not give it credit ... I provided him all proofs about the plot of my sister and her admired tarotist, and he made a report that included in my clinical history.

What right protects these terrorist doctors to lie to who have suffered sometime from a mental illness? Can there be more humiliating and undignified treatment? In what Hippocratic Oath o figure such reprehensible behavior?

“Mentally ill” people are treated worse than worst cruel murderers, because we have been deprived of word: whatever we say has no value compared to what I say a psychopath undiagnosed.

Would not it be more fair prohibit such practice of medicine? Are not these psychiatrists as much responsible as the psychopaths?

I´m not especially denouncing my case nor I have intention to generalize these behaviors to all psychiatrists. On the contrary, the vast majority of specialists who I have met in my life were very professional and even very humanistic. What I am denouncing is legislation that allows doctors and cops to lie and to manipulate people who have had a mental problem, without having in account that this comportment will lead to all kinds of ruins: personal, social, economic and even own health. Precisely who supposedly are tacking care of us...

H. V.